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Our core philosophy is centered around sportsmanship and its values: camaraderie, respect, perseverance and teamwork. Our intention is to foster a love of nature, de- velop athleticism, and encourage each individual’s growth and creativity. At Layos, participants enjoy experiences that go beyond simple activities, they work together to create enriching memories that will endure for a lifetime.


The success of our programs resides in our process of: Cooperative and entertaining games, Initiation into sports, recreational activities and free time, Nature, Artistic activities, Cooperation and collaboration. Above all else, our biggest strength is the staff that makes up our core team. Our program directors and coordinators have both a theoretical background in youth development and years of experience working at Castillo de Layos. In addition, our counsellors are excellent and have been trai- ned in our Official Camp Counsellor School

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The rural world, nature, and outdoor sports, combined with sharing after school activities with friends, is a great starting point to encourage children to look forward to future summer trips abroad or learning a foreign languange. We design programs tailored made for your school, taking into account student age, number of students, or the required time period. Your programs may vary from national holidays, end of the year trips, or team building courses.

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