General information


Sports as the key ingredient

The leading role of sport in most of our programs allows our philosophy to be geared towards sportsmanship and its values: camaraderie, respect, the fight to overcome, and teamwork. We want to promote a love of nature and sports, without forgetting the creative side of the students using theatre, music, art, and cultural excursions.


Our camps are divided into three age groups with the objective in mind that campers engage in activities and have fun with other kids their age.


Healthy and balanced diet

In all of our centers, we prepare the food with products of the highest quality and, of course, with lots of love. We create menus especially thought out for kids, a healthy and balanced diet which will keep their batteries charged. The children eat with their room counsellor. We have a variety of options for children with food intolerances, allergies, or special diets.


Medical center 5 minutes away

All of the camps are less than 5 minutes to a medical center, and 10 minutes to a hospital. A licensed lifeguard and a graduate in medicine are in charge of the infirmary and the daily care of the children.

Layos Camp Uniform

A key component of the camp experience

It is required to use the camp’s uniform, 3 t-shirts, 3 shorts, 3 pairs of socks, and a sweatshirt. €100 full uniform. For the Junior Camp, Tarifa Camp and Comillas Camp the uniform is 3 t-shirts, the 3 pairs of socks, and the sweats- hirt, and every child must bring their own shorts in their baggage. €70 uniform for Juniors. Of course, we allow uniforms from other years or from old students. Every separate garment costs €15. The uniform must be ordered at least two weeks before the start of the program.The counselor will give it to the campers on arrival


To-and-from the camp

We include incoming and outgoing transportation from Madrid to the camp in all our programs. We call the parents to a meeting point, and the children always travel with counsellors. Layos Camp offers a pick-up and drop-off service at the airport or station for children who are travelling from abroad, with the price to be specified with the office depending on the schedule. We will need the full data on arrival and departure.


Space and closeness at the same time

You can talk with your children starting from the third full day of the camp, calling the camp telephone number in the schedule that we will indicate to you. It is permitted to use cellphones in the same schedule, for the rest of the time the counsellor will keep it in their locker.

Signing Up

Online registration

You can sign up on the website, on the BOOKING tab. Once we’ve received the reservation, we will process the data and send you the information on the first payment. No reservation will be valid without what is men- tioned above. Payment can be made via bank transfer or you can request a meeting at our office to pay in cash. When the camping date is getting close, we will send you the practical information, dates, departure schedule, what to pack in luggage, etc.

During what time periods do the camps take place?