Castillo de Layos

Family business dedicated to the children since 1985

Castillo de Layos is a family-run business with more than 30 years of experience fully committed to kids since 1985. We oganize Summer Camps, School Progams and Spanish Language Programs for all ages the whole year round. We distinguish from others for our close and direct familiar treatment. We have no intermediaries or agencies to represent us. We listen directly to the family or school that books our services. If we had to choose a clear difference from competitors, it would be the ratio counselor / camper. I some programs we reach 1 per every 4 kids. The most important thing for us is the safety and well-being of campers.

Layos Camp History


Born on agricultural family land, our initial programme was based on a summer course that combined sports, nature and English language. Furthermore, it happened to be located in a castle beyond the kid's wildest dreams... 


The rise of outdoor activities and school trips that seek first-hand knowledge of the rural world and nature, predicted an appealing future to tackle a new entrepreneurial venture in the fields of both education and leisure.


Nowadays, Layos Camp has grown bigger and more than 3,000 children visit our camp every year. Our clients are mainly private individuals, who see us as a trustworthy centre with years of experience where our campers are our main priority.


Our clients are mainly families that find in Layos a confidence and experienced camp where kids are the most important. Those that were once campers, now send their child’s with the certainty that we’ll make a honest job.  


Besides, we collaborate with schools, that during the school calendar find in Layos Camp the perfect place to reward pupils with sports, adventure and novel team building programs. 

Letter to parents

Castillo de Layos is a full time family-run business. It was born in 1985, thanks to the memories of American Camps. We thought in an ideal model to make great experiences for kids first time out of home. We then started a family adventure that convoques children and youth from all overt the world.  


For the younger ones, life at camp is a golden opportunity for personal development. They learn to be self-sufficient in the most basic things such as getting dressed, eating, or being clean and tidy.They manage to do this with kids who are in their same situation, gaining personal autonomy and discipline with the least of efforts.


For the older ones, it is an opportunity to make new friends and take on new challenges and adventures. The arrival of campers from all over the world enriches our programmes and prepares our campers for this global world.


As we add to this little things, learning a new sport, the adventure of doing new things, living simply, generosity, and coexistence our kids get back home "bigger" and more conscious of their possibilities. 


Today more than ever we believe in the effectiveness of our work. Layos Camp is a project worth living and working for.


Carchín Oriol y Asís de Gregorio
Founders and Owners of Castillo de Layos since 1985


Prominence of sports in most of our programs, makes that our philoshopy revolve around sporsts spirit and its values: comradeship, respect, and team builing.

The Layos Team

Treating you as one more of the family

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