Counsellors at Layos Camps

In all our Layos Camp programs there is one person belonging to the head department in charge of personally supervising each camp's perfect development. One or two coordinators per program is in charge of teaching the experience, teamwork, cheerfulness and creativity the counselor team will need to work with, making sure the children  are always entertained, prioritizing their safety.


After 30 years of experience, our list of counselors is very long thanks to the fact that the camp hires many ex campers that our now in university and whose bond with Layos Camp is essential, because they can convey their former camp experience to them. They have all taken their Official Camp Counselor course in our centre. The other members of the team are our counselor trainees, who are the ones that carry out the second phase of the course. They are all young people that work to do their best and turn into future Layos Camp counselors. And we only pick the best.


Official Camp Counsellor Course

Official Counsellor Course


From 16 years old on

Many of our former campers are trained in our Official Camp Counselor course, turning into our program counselors. All of these counselors are hired and chosen for their pedagogical commitment and their sporting, artistic and nature knowledge abilities. A personal interview will take place before being accepted into the course.


Theory & Practice

The course has two phases, the first is the theory phase that can be done both in Easter and during the second fortnight of July in our Toledo camp, where campers are lodged in full-board accommodation.

The second is the practical phase, it take place after the theory phase during a fortnight in the summer, bank holidays, school activities or in another official centre. In such case, the student must provide a letter that proves their work.

The practical phase can be done in our camp in full-board accommodation, and Castillo de Layos reserves the right to pick each counselor trainee based on the requirements of each of our programs.

Dates & Prices

Theoretical courses

You can participate in our theoretical courses two times per year. The first time is during Easter (April 6-16), and the second one in the second half of July (July 17-30)

Price Easter week: 1.110€

Price July: 1.500€

Program & Curricullum

Consejería de Empleo y Economía de Castilla la Mancha

The topics are stipulated by the Castilla-La Mancha Economy and Employment Department. We work with a qualified team of teachers all of whom have experience in school environments, apart from our three star coordinators.

The program includes the following topics: infant education, free time, group developmental psychology, legislation and educational planning, first aid, sport entertainment, special education, environmental education, games and group dynamics.


Valid throughout Europe

The Official Course Diploma is given by the Economy and Employment Deparment's Directorate-General for Employment and Youth of the Castilla-La Mancha Community Council.

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